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  • The student applications (for MITES Semester/Summer and MITES Satrudays) will open later in the fall. 
  • The MITES Semester/Summer application typically opens in mid-November.
  • To sign up to be notified with the application opens, please fill out this form. Otherwise, please check back in the coming weeks.
  • In the meantime, please learn about our programs and the application process by visiting our website
  •  Thank you for your interest in MITES!



  • We are fully staffed for the fall 2023 semester of our MITES Saturdays (formerly SEED Academy) program.

  • We are currently accepting staff applications for the spring semester of MITES Saturdays and for our MITES Summer and MITES Semester programs. We will begin reviewing and interviewing for these positions later in the winter.

  • There is no application deadline-we interview on a rolling basis until all positions are filled.

  • For additional details and to start your staff application click here:  MITES Staff Application.


    MIT Introduction to Technology, Engineering and Science (MITES) runs outreach programs under the School of Engineering at MIT for underrepresented and underserved students interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Since 1975, our programs have provided enriching science and engineering experiences to over 4,000 middle and high school students free of charge

    Pursue your passion for STEM, challenge yourself, make lasting friendships and connections—and have fun! MITES provides unparalleled opportunities for students from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds to learn, grow, and prepare for an exciting, fulfilling college experience and career.  If you’re an intellectually curious, ambitious student with an interest in science and engineering, we invite you to join us in person or online, during the school year or over the summer—to begin your life-changing journey. 

    Learn more about the mission of MITES and who we serve on our website.

    For other STEM opportunities across the US, please visit out our Resources page. 

    Interested in being part of our community? We have three applications:

       MITES Staff Application 
      1. An application for STAFF for all three of our programs
      2. Applications reviewed on rolling basis. APPLICATION OPEN
    1. MITES Saturdays STUDENT Application (Formerly SEED Academy):
      1. An application for STUDENTS for our local program.
      2. Student application due tentatively Nov. 30 and teacher recommendations due tentatively Dec 7. APPLICATION CLOSED
    2. MITES Summer (Formerly MITES) and MITES Semester (Formerly MOSTEC) STUDENT Application:
      1. An application for STUDENTS for our national programs
      2. Student application due Feb. 1; teacher recommendations due Feb. 15 APPLICATION CLOSED

    For questions about the student applications, please email mitesapp@mit.edu

    For questions about the staff application, please email staffapp@mit.edu


    If you are a student, view the details below to determine the best fit for you:


    MITES Saturdays (Formerly SEED Academy) -Eligibility

    Applicants must be public school students from Boston, Cambridge or Lawrence, Massachusetts in 7th, 8th, 9th, or 10th grade at the time of application. Students must also reside in Boston, Cambridge or Lawrence. To be eligible for MITES programs, applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. We are unable to make exceptions to our eligibility requirements.




    MITES Semester (Formerly MOSTEC) and MITES Summer (Formerly MITES)-Eligibility

    Applicants must be high school juniors or equivalent at the time of application and can be public, private, or homeschooled students from anywhere in the United States. To be eligible for MITES programs, applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. We are unable to make exceptions to our eligibility requirements.



    We strongly encourage applications from students---

    • With backgrounds underrepresented in science and engineering, identifying as African American/Black, Hispanic/Latinx or Native American or Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian, or other Pacific Islander. 
    • Who are underserved, defined as coming from low socioeconomic means, which may be indicated by qualification for free/reduced lunch 
    • Who are the first member of their families to attend college 
    • From families with an absence of science and engineering degrees  
    • From high schools with low admittance rates to top-tier colleges, especially rural or predominantly minority high schools

    All applicants who meet the eligibility requirements will be considered, regardless of race or ethnicity. 

    Learn more about the mission of MITES on our website.